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. this is "the washington post" -- this comes from the story you probably heard about jack welch yesterday. there is the math and statistics. we want to get your reaction. tell us your job status as well as it currently stands. the phone numbers will be on your screen. you can also reach out via social media. can i ask your job status? caller: right now i am disabled. host: how long is that? . caller: one year. host: tell us a little bit about your current situation and your reaction to 7.8% unemployment figure. caller: i have three torn ligaments in my shoulder. host: are you getting disability. disability caller: yes. . host: what type of work do you do? are you pursuing some kind of work that does not require physical labor? caller: i am going to school. . host: for what? . caller: a want to be a technician. host: what type of technician? caller: a mechanic. host: quaker town, pennsylvania, good morning. caller: glad to get through again. this has to do, when you talk about work or work ethic, today is the day that we set aside -- i called last year and talked to susan on october 6 last
was running against a spectacular republican, jack ryan, like a mitt romney of illinois. at into would begin obama. once again, the obama campaign digs up child custody records. he had been married to someone from star trek. and she had made allegations that he to occur to sex clubs. not that they entered. she said no. but he had asked her to go. still, the republicans demanded that he withdraw. and obama ran against someone else. obama has not faced a real opponent. what are they going to get -- i mean, we have a mormon who's roughest drink is a glass of chocolate milk. this will be tough for the obama team to crack. once he becomes president, mitt romney is exactly what the country needs. host: what you think the next weeks will be like? guest: it is absolute hysteria and screams of lies. i have been promoting the book. on mitt romney watching to cut taxes on the rich. those are estimates made by a liberal tax group. the liberal tax purpose taken that estimate back. the obama campaign was running ads on that, how he ruwants to cut the tax rates. he said the overnight, no i am not cutting t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2